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Parkzone Radian Mods & Fine Tuning

Nothing beats a very well set up sailplane.

If you have been into our store and got one of these fantastic models from us or spoken to me about them, you will know all about the host of mods that can be done to the Radian.
I have just been pointed to a very well put together and extencive guide on these modifications that Paul (a very experenced and knowlegeable model engineer) from Radio Carbon Arts has put together.
Although this guide is really aimed at the 1st generation Radian alot of the suggestions are still relevant and can really improve the performance of your 2nd generation Radian for pure sailplane use, so check out the video below.

How you can easily tell if you have a 1st or 2nd generation Radian is if you model came "out of the box" with the thumb screw, EZ connector style elevator connector on the elevator, you have a 1st generation Radian. The 2nd Generation Radians have the plastic clevis on the elevator now.
The 2nd generation Radian has had the tail incidence/decalage and C/G points adjusted already and if you make the mods as recommended for the orginal model you will make it extreamly diffacult, if not impossible to fly. So best not make further adjustments unless you know what you are doing.

However all the other mods Paul talks about are very relevant and will make the Radian almost unbeatable in a contest, even against high end composite models!










Come And See Our Showroom At,

9 North Avon Road,
Richmond, CHCH

Park Flying

Sunday the 7th of June 2015
Halswell Polo Grounds
10am onwards (weather permitting)

Put this date in your diary's and come join us for some social park flying. You can access the
Polo Grounds at the end of McMahon Drive, Halswell, Christchurch.
It is important to only use 2.4gHz radio gear at this site as the Wigram Model Aero Club is nearby and
will also be operating at this time.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday the 24th of May 2015
Old QEII Cricket Pavilion
10am onwards (weather permitting)

Put this date in your diary's and come join us for some social park flying. You can access the
pavilion from the old car parking off QEII Drive, Christchurch. Turn to the right after you enter.
Hope to see you there.



Friday the 5th of June 2015

Lincoln Events Center
Meijer Drive, Lincoln
7pm till 9pm
$5 per pilot to help cover stadium hire.
Spectators are welcome and free.
Open to all indoor class UM, UMX and small home made models
We are now hiring out a second room for people with cars and have cones to run around and ramps to jump over. $5 per driver or both Pilot and Driver.